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Do you feel confused, frustrated or a hopelessness that is creating uncertainty?  What if we could remove the uncertainty and create a secure feeling of knowing. Imagine knowing how and what to do to rebuild and rejuvenate your health and live life optimally.

Together we will work to achieve that feeling by determining and correcting the root cause and teach you how to maintain it! 


Eva Rose

Your Journey Starts Here

I am a Specialized Kinesiologist certified in Touch for Health, Body Management and Metabolic Nutritional Balancing. My coaching is a collaborative process that combines the wisdom of ancient systems of medicine with our modern scientific understanding of physiology and biochemistry. This testable and precise process quickly identifies your imbalances by using an advanced systematic approach. These systems make those mysterious, seemingly unanswerable questions perfectly clear, so that we can customize fast solutions that sustain positive ongoing change, and increase overall well-being for the future.


Customized Coaching

My programs are designed to help you not only improve and correct your imbalances, but to truly understand the root cause of them. Through years of extensive client session experience, I have put together goal specific programs to aide my clients in finding mental, emotional, spiritual, nutritional and physical acuity. Learn how my programs can help you:

Weight Gain/Loss

Balance your weight healthy and naturally. Learn your bodies metabolic type to understand why your unique biological self is stuck in a weight gain or loss phase.

Electrolyte Deficiency

Electrolyte state is defined by blood pressure. When blood pressure is low, it's often a reflection of low mineral content or inability to retain minerals causing fatigue and poor brain function.

Electrolyte Excess

Electrolyte excess means an overload of mineral salts in the body fluids, which places stress on the heart and kidneys causing high blood pressure as well as inefficient transport of oxygen and nutrients to and away from the cells.

Acid/Alkaline Imbalance

An acid or alkaline imbalance means too much acid and not enough alkaline electrolytes or too much alkali and not enough acid electrolytes are in the system. Every organ, every tissue, every cell in your body is designed to function within an extremely narrow range of acid/alkaline balance.

Dis-Ease in the Body

With a metabolic assessment we will be able to determine your imbalances or deficiencies so that we can course correct your unique metabolic make up.

Anabolic Imbalance

Anabolic/Anaerobic imbalance is an inability to use adequate oxygen in producing energy, and in turn creates an overly acidic condition in the tissues. This imbalance creates an environment for bacteria and viruses to thrive.

Glucogenic Imbalance

Glucogenic imbalance is considered a "fast oxidizer". Carbohydrates (starches and sugars) tend to be used up too fast, and they have difficulty using fat for energy. This causes them to make too much carbon dioxide creating acidosis.

Sympathetic Imbalance

The sympathetic nervous system helps regulate body functions which we do not have conscious control, such as heart rate and digestion. A sympathetic imbalance causes a person to be stuck in sympathetic reaction "fight or flight". This state will not allow the parasympathetic system to initiate or engage.

Mental Clarity

Do you suffer from brain fog? Depression? Anxiety? Exhaustion? Learn the root cause of your imbalances to fully achieve mental clarity.

Catabolic Imbalance

Catabolic/Dysaerobic imbalance is the opposite of the anabolic/anaerobic imbalance. An over oxidizing metabolism creates an over-alkaline condition of the tissues accelerating oxidative damage causing premature aging.

Ketogenic Imbalance

Ketogenic imbalance is the opposite of Glucogenic. "Slow oxidizers" have difficulty using carbohydrates for fuel. The body does not produce energy from the foods you eat efficiently, resulting in little energy.

Parasympathetic Imbalance

The parasympathetic nervous system helps regulate body functions which we do not have conscious control, such as heart rate and digestion. When this nervous system is over reactive or stuck it can create digestive and breathing problems.


Happy Customers

“Eva, I left your office after my first and only Body Management session free of the pain which had been present in my lower back for over 4 months and in my hip which had bothered me off and on for over a year. I was astounded! These issues are still resolved after many months. Thank you!”
J. Moon